Dance Lessons

In 2020 my collaborator Katie Giritlian and I created a project we called Dance Lessons.

We invited four artists -Lai Yi Ohlsen, Salimatu Amabebe, hannah rubin, Cherrie Yu- who work in mediums adjacent to partner dance -hiphop and code, performance and sculpture, poetry and clay, modern dance and performance respectively- to create individual performance lectures that engaged with the languages and intuitions of partner dance.

These performative lectures were held on zoom, inviting participants to move and feel within the confines of their homes, exploring not only the practices of each artists work but also the partnering body of the floor, air, furniture and door frames of their home spaces.

In the spring of 2021 Katie and I  used the documentation of these lectures (screen shots, drawings, notes, quote and feelings) to create a publication which consisted of loose, large folded sheets bound only by a jump ring, allowing the reader to continue to “dance with” the written trace of the languages (both verbal and physical) shared within this event.