Romantic Swimming

Romantic Swimming was a quarentine cafe project I hosted on the sunporch of my home in the summers of 2019 and 2020.

The cafe had one seating per night and fed between 1 and 2 people during a seating. 

On the day of each cafe  I would bike to the lake and take videos of the water. These videos would then be projected on the roof of my sunroom during the meal.

The food was served in 6-8 small plate courses. The menu of the meal engaged with the romantic desire to be with friends and lovers in the water, breathing, splashing, submerging. The menu could be comical, wistful and immediate. 

Dishes included:

when you accidentally gulp a mouthful
fresh plum, salted plum,  redwine cold with rye noodles, black soy sauce

water over river rocks
kombucha, frozen champagne grapes

splashing and lying back and getting pulled under
sourdough slice with raw green figs, cold cream, sea salt and fried garlic scapes picked from a local park